A simple messenger not for friends you have in Facebook
but new friends from around the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to talk to strangers online using Splansh?

It is hard to find online chat with strangers app or site for sharing thoughts and feelings online without being a victim of online harassment. For this reason, we have taken some actions to keep Stranger Messenger free of perverts and predators. We added a bad word blocker all over the app in order to prevent users from sending curse or swear words. Furthermore, when a user sends you a private message, their first message converted to a chat request, which you can accept or reject. We also added a “Block” button in conversation settings, and “Report” button in post options. If a user reported for posting a sexual or offensive material, they will be permanently banned. To make it more effective, we ban the user using their phone ID, which make it impossible to create another account using the same device.

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